Birthday Biscuits!!


Celebrate your dogs birthday and make it special with these delicious gingerbread flavour biscuits, with each biscuit baked to perfection these are the perfect treat for their birthday or even for doggy parties.


These gingerbread biscuits are 100% natural vegan homemade treats once your pooch gets a taste for these, they won't be able to resist. They smell delicious too!!


These treats are great for older dogs as ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and can ease inflammation of the joints your ageing pet might experience. 


Our biscuits are available in two sizes:

100g (5 bone biscuits or 7 circle biscuits) 

200g (10 bone biscuits or 14 circle biscuits)

or mix of both



Organic Flaxseed

Organic Peanut Butter

Organic White Flour


100% Natural & Organic Preservative


Allergies: contains gluten, cereals, wheat & nuts


Storing our treats: 

Our homemade treats baked without artificial colours and additives, please store treats in a cool, dry place they will last up to two weeks or can be refrigerated for longer for a week or two. Can also be frozen for a couple of months.


Feeding Instructions:

Please supervise your pet and always ensure fresh drinking water is available. Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks.

Birthday Biscuits