What's inside the Lickimat Standard Box?


All our boxes come bursting with natural goodness, as all of our treats are 100% natural with no nasty additives or preservatives and are rawhide-free.


The boxes include healthy natural treats from us, a stimulation Lickimat either playdate or buddy and a peanut butter topping. Your four-legged friend is sure to wuv you!


Lickimat Mini Standard Box includes: 

* Sharples Lickimat - Playdate or Buddy (in orange)

* Nuts for Pets - Peanut Butter 350g

* Nala's Natural Nibbles - Peanut Butter and Carrot Cakes 100g

* Nala's Natural Nibbles - Gingerbread Biscuits 100g


If you want a particular colour for your Lickimat, let me know in the comment box provided at checkout. I will accommodate the best I can.


Suitable for dogs over 4 months. 

Lickimat Standard Box